petsWe all love our pets, but sometimes their health flies underneath the radar. The first step in ensuring the longevity of your pet is to adhere to a strict food schedule. So to make sure your pet is getting the best nutrition possible, we came up with a true or false quiz of what your dog can or cannot eat.

True or false: My dog can nibble on shrimp once in a while.

True. If you are enjoying a shrimp cocktail, sneaking your dog a piece won’t hurt. That is, as long as the shrimp is fully cooked and the tail, head, and legs are removed.

True or false: Chocolate is fine for my dog, that is just an old pet care rumor.

False! Chocolate actually contains a really harmful toxin, methylxanthine, that has the potential to stop a dog’s metabolic process. Consuming a large quantity can cause seizures, an irregular heartbeat, and sometimes death.

True or false: My dog can’t partake in Thanksgiving festivities with us.

False! You can sneak a few pieces of turkey to your dog as long as it is not covered in herbs and seasonings, especially garlic. But if you give them a piece, make sure it is without skin and check it thoroughly for small bones as they can splinter in your pup’s stomach.

True or false: Cheese makes a great snack for my pooch.

True! Cheese, in small quantities, is a great treat for your dog as they love its creamy taste! It is a great way to administer medicine to your dog as they won’t be able to taste the pill through the salty goodness. Just make sure you’re giving low-fat cheese such as cottage cheese or mozzarella.

True or false: Corn on the cob is a good snack for the summertime.

False! While corn is great for your dog, the cob can be quite hard to digest. In severe cases, it can cause intestinal damage.

It is crucial to pay attention to the food you give your dog, as the right nutrition will go a long way in preventing periodontal disease, which is the number one most common clinical condition occurring in adult pets. To make sure your pet stays away from the animal hospital or veterinary clinic, follow these simple dietary rules, and your pup will thank you!