Wild boars do not want to be in the garden and they can be dangerous. In the animal blog there are tips on how to protect yourself and the garden.

Wild boar in the garden? D rather not!

wild boars Sometimes you are dealing with pets that are not pets and that you do not want. Wild boar belong to it. For example, they are doing their bit in Berlin, cultivating gardens, raging in flowerbeds, plundering compost heaps and using trash cans. Back the wildlife leaves a battlefield and much trouble and damage. The Nature Conservation Union (NABU) has another bad news: The garden owners can not hope for damages.

In general, boars can be hunted, but in "pacified areas", such as gardens, playgrounds or parks, this is according to NABU only allowed in exceptional cases and with special permission. If you have a problem with wild boars, you should contact the police, who can also arrange contact with experts (eg foresters or veterinarians).

Wild boars can be dangerous

But what to do if you get uninvited visit from wild boar? They are over a meter high and weigh up to 150 kilograms not exactly small and they have dangerous teeth. The city of Berlin advises not to make any hectic movements, but to withdraw slowly so that the animal can also move away. "In no case may a boar be eigeengt or pushed into a corner. It can then turn into an attack very quickly, "warns the city of Berlin.

Tips on protecting yourself and the garden
  • A stable one Fence 1.50 meters high is only a good protection if it is equipped with a concrete base or a stable and eingrabbaren cuff. Otherwise, the wild boar can easily cope with the fence.
  • Garage doors and driveways should always be closed.
  • Do not feed the boars, because then the boars lose their fear of humans, they will always more trusting and they always come back to the feeding station. The animals like to feed them with heavy tacks and that can be dangerous.
  • Do not approach the animals and do not touch them.
  • Be careful not to Inadvertently advised between young (boars) and mother boar (brook), because Mama boar will react quite sour.
  • If you meet an injured wild boar, compassion and helpfulness is out of place, because injured wild boars can be very they can be dangerous if they fend off rapprochement - especially the big canines of male animals (boars) are dangerous.
  • Scraps of food have no place on the compost heap, as this is like a table set for hungry wild boars. It is better to do without the compost heap, because garden waste is also part of the diet of wild boar.
  • Also taboo are open tons of food waste and surrounding garbage bags that can be easily torn up and plundered by wild boars.
  • Waterholes in the garden should eventually be removed, because they are a tempting invitation for wild boars, who like to wallow in the mud.
  • Be on the guard should be self-sufficient, because a garden is almost paradisiac for wild boars, if they are there z. As fruits, salad, vegetables, mushrooms and herbs. Text: Marion Friedl/Photo: Gerald Förtsch

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