Are you coming out to play? The two dogs seem to ask the dachshund through the windowpane. When dogs ...

Gassigeher live longer

hundetrio Are you out to play? The two dogs seem to ask the dachshund through the windowpane. When dogs make an appointment, one should not only open the door to the garden, but also get the leash and go for a walk with the dogs. Reason: The US has found that people live longer when they move. From this point of view, one thing is quite logical: when you go for a walk, both dog and person are on the move, and thus they are something for a long life.

Jogging in moderation and with a special rope

So get out in the fresh air - no matter if it's cold or warm, dry or wet. For the warm and dry cuddling is later time again. However, a bit of consideration in the Gassigeh exercise program must already be. Senior dogs and sick dogs can not get that far and not as fast as young and healthy dogs. Even some puppies are struggling to keep up or even run out of breath when the road is too far. But who says that movement-happy people and dogs can not take a break in between? And it does not have to be a marathon right away, but also a small gas round can be fun and keep you fit. Joggers should also get a leash, which they can attach with a linen belt on the belly, because the dog is safe with the people on the way and the person has their hands free.

The dog at a distance keep to the bike

Dogs can also be there while cycling - provided that it suits their age, health and fitness. By the way, a bike ride is still too strenuous for puppies and young dogs in growth and can have a negative effect on the musculoskeletal system. Puppies, seniors and sick dogs should therefore ride in the bicycle basket or in the bicycle trailer, according to the motto: If man should trample off, I enjoy the ride comfortably sitting down. Dogs that are fit and fast, they are allowed to run alongside the bike. But beware: Do not use the normal leash, because it could get tangled up in the bike spokes and cause a painful experience for both humans and dogs. The dog is safer and better off with a sturdy metal spacer that attaches to the bike.

Basic obedience is also important in sports

A basic requirement for joggers - and Radlerhunde is always the basic obedience, because so that two-and four-legged do not stumble over each other, on the paws or feet kick and not fall, the dog should have learned in which command he eg stand still, continue running or even walk well on foot. This has to sit so that the animal good community sport is really a healthy affair without any plessuren. To be on the safe side, a small handy first aid pharmacy for both humans and animals should always be on hand during sports.

Water and treats are part of the sports supplies

A must is Of course, that a water bottle will be taken for the dog, because in between, a round of bouts may be necessary. Not bad advice are dog owners, if they have a filled treats with it. Then the reward for the brave athlete on four legs is always ready and also goodies are great to motivate the dog to continue to drive: A treat thrown ahead and already running the dog again.A lying tree trunk can become a jump or balance hurdle. Under a bank, the dog can pass through. A Frisbee disc caught in flight - that's already acrobatic sport. In between, the dog owner can sometimes hide behind a wall or a thick tree and the dog has to start an extra search round.

You see, a Gassigeh round can have a lot of movement in it and, moreover, be fun , The subsequent rest with picnic for two or a beer garden visit, when the first spring sun rays come out, the dog and the dog owner granted. Text/Photo: Marion Friedl