Is this hairy dog ​​selfie experimental photo art? In an interview with the dog selfie artist Kimba tells the MF animal blog more about it.

Interview with Kimba: My first dog selfie

dog-selfie Kimba shot and posted his first hairy dog ​​selfie on Facebook. Okay, there's still room for improvement, but maybe it's going to be experimental photo art. Mum Marion Friedl asked Kimba about his dog selfie:

Tell me, how did this dog selfie come about?

Kimba: That was just coincidence. You put the camera down on the floor and I dabbed it with my paw.

Did it work right away?

Kimba: No, first I hit the lightning, then I pawed on the wrong side, but at some point the thing you call a camera made strange noises.

When did you know that you Did you make a work of art with your paw?

Kimba: Well, when I heard the sounds, I was afraid I'd broken something. But you were so happy that I knew: I did everything right and did something special.

Are you satisfied with your dog selfie? You really do not see yourself that way.

Kimba: Man, that's the art of it all.

So would you call it experimental photo art?

Kimba: What is it?

You try something and come in the end a great work of art that you show to other people to make them happy. This is experimental art.

Kimba: If you see it that way, it's animal good experimental photo art.

Feelings Do you have a dog as an artist?

Kimba: Great! Especially since there was a fee for my work that tasted great.

Selfies are in. Want to shoot more dog selfies and make an exhibition?

Kimba: I do not like exhibitions. There are only human legs around me and every two meters I have to stop because people are looking at a wall.

They look at the pictures hanging on the wall and they would Do it with your selfies.

Kimba: Then I'd rather not do any more so I do not have to go to the show. If others want to do that, then people can hang a selfie from their dog on the wall as a postcard or poster. Does not always have to serve me.

Well, maybe you just should not push an artist ...

Kimba: Exactly. It does not help, because if I do not feel like it, nothing happens. And that with the dog selfie will eventually be boring. There are more important things than a dog selfie: walking, eating, sleeping, playing, chasing the cat ...

But Kimba! Does that have to be with the cat?

Kimba: Okay, let's just do it. But let's face it: did the neighbor cat already take a cat selfie? No. But I made a dog selfie and there you can show the cat who is in charge.

Could we please change the subject and leave the cat alone?

Kimba: I'm fine. I'm not telling you what I'm up to. But if we already change the subject: how about playing a game of Frisbee? This is funnier than answering questions and taking a dog selfie.

Well, go ahead and thank you for the conversation. Interview: Marion Friedl/Photo: Kimba