Do you know that? Her dog straightens, listens hard, and growls in the darkness outside the window. And what...

Dogs do not hear ghosts

kimba series Do you know this? Her dog straightens, listens hard, and growls in the darkness outside the window. And what do you do? They say: You hear ghosts, there is nothing. Wrong thinking, dear dog owners, because there is something out there! Okay, you humans may sometimes be smarter than a dog, but you can not score with your ears. We dogs have super-tubes that your eavesdroppers can not match. We dogs hear nine times as well as humans. That means we do not hear ghosts.

You want proof? No problem! Is Master about a ghost? How can it be that we hear Herrchen's car from afar and stand ready for the greeting before Herrchen has even reached the entrance to the house. Your human hears the car only when it stops in front of the garage. That's great for us dogs, because that's why we're at the door first, and can pick up the pats of your supposed ghost right away.

What if it's nine times as loud?

Speaking of peak hearing: Imagine listening to children's screams, party music, folk festival and beer tent sounds, a roaring exhaust or the screeching circular saw nine times as loud! That would get on your nerves, right? And what if a shot or a thunder was nine times as loud? You would wince quite a bit and get shaky legs without ghosts! This is how we dogs are. Okay, there are already hardened dogs that are tough guys and do not panic when the hunter lets his nine times loud box crack. But not every dog ​​is so fireproof and it's kind of unfair to be called scaredy-eyed, even though we only have super-ears. Text: Marion Friedl/Photo: Gerald Förtsch


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