Is your dog a scaredy cat? It does not have to be this way - be self-confident with courage: this translates to your dog. There are more tricks in the animal blog.

Scaredy cat on a leash? Show courage!

kimba-bridge There's the scaredy cat in front of the bridge and does not dare take a step further. Or is Bello shaking with fear at the platform when the train arrives? No matter what the dog is afraid of, he needs his man. Not to be comforted, calmed, caressed or even lifted. Not even to start the orderly retreat. No, he needs people as a courageous standard.

Self-confidence transfers to the dog

Now you may ask outraged: How heartless is that Can not reassure or comfort my dog ​​when he is afraid? But I tell you: you do your little fool a lot more on a leash as you march forward courageously and confidently, showing him that nothing bad happens when you cross that darn bridge, or if you wait calmly for the train to stop and then get into this loud metal monster. Your self-confidence is transferred to the dog and makes him more courageous.

In the pack, the stronger sets the tone

In the dog pack, the dogs are based on the conspecifics , The strongest set the tone and show in doubt Mumm. This, in turn, gives the other dogs a sense of security and encourages them to imitate the brave pack mate. No sooner have they mastered the supposed danger and realized that they have actually come away with a healthy skin, the trembling and retreat has an end - not only for the moment, but also the next time, when this test of courage is again to create

Trick the dog's fear

In the dog-human life, the biped is the higher-ranking partner (at least it should be) and takes with it the position of the courageous alpha animal, which says, where to go. And that is exactly what you have to do: without hesitating, stopping, and even without saying a word or luring the dog, go to the bridge and if the dog stops, just go on silently, because he must or go bad on a leash. He will do that reluctantly and with a bump, but afterwards he will feel so great, because you will praise and reward him at the other end of the bridge. You can also work with a trick: Approach the bridge in a playful way, throwing your favorite toy over the paws and bringing it to you. This game continues unabated at the bridge and with this game you will cross the bridge together. Of course there is the praise and the reward at the other end.

The Metal Monster is the reward

Similarly, you can also on the platform (with a lot of distance to the tracks). Distract the dog with a toy in his hand: But do not throw because the dog should indeed sit quietly and not by a thoughtless jump in danger. You show him the harness in front of your chest, wag it, hide it behind your back and bring it out again. Do this until the train stops and the doors open. Then throw the toy on the train and the dog is allowed to go and get the toy. Logical that he gets his praise and a treat for this master exercise on the train. The dog will combine several things: My human does not fear, he even plays with me quite relaxed - so I do not have to be afraid. In the train I get a reward - so this tin can is not a bad monster, but it gives me something pleasant in it. Only courage, you can definitely try, right? Text/Photo: Marion Friedl