Stupid, stubborn, lazy donkey - the poor animal is said a lot and many a man scolds that donkeys are loud ...

Stupid, stubborn, lazy donkey? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

donkey Stupid, stubborn, lazy donkey - the poor animal is said to have a lot and many a human scolds that donkey is loud and some say boredom is behind him. All this the donkey did not deserve. Let's do something good for him and polish his image, because that's what the lovely guy deserves.

These animals are docile and have a great memory: they remember who is nice and who is not. Whether it's paths, the smell of a stable or sounds - what the donkey gets to know is stored in his memory. A clever idea, because he remains calm and relaxed at work, even when cars pass him and he has loads to bear. That he lets himself be burdened has nothing to do with stupidity. You can check it off as helpfulness, good nature, patience and philanthropy. Some donkeys are so clever that they themselves clean up with the stupid accusation: They watch as a gate is closed and hardly has the person turned around, they open it and fill up a breath of freedom. Clever, right?

If a donkey thinks, it may take

to reconsider, the donkey is stubborn. Okay, if he does not want to move on, he stops and does not move a millimeter. That's true, but there's a good reason: the donkey has to watch what's under his legs, and if he's worried about safety, he stops and thinks. That may take time, but who can blame him? Many donkeys come from stony deserts, rough terrain and mountains and have to pass narrow paths, steeply uphill and downhill, cope with moving debris and there may be a chasm lurking next to them. Do not crash, that's the motto and that's why the donkey takes the time to make the right decision.

Snoring donkeys are not lazy sleepyheads

The alleged stubbornness has a connection with the prejudice that the donkey is boring. Visually, this may look like it, when he walks leisurely with a hanging head. But how would you run if you are traveling in rough or unknown terrain as a hiker, you have to worry about having four legs and you are aware that a misstep can be fatal? Head down so you can see the ground and its stumbling blocks. Are you bored? No. And the donkey is not. He is attentive, careful and prudent. Also, have you ever watched donkeys? The deal with each other, romp each other out, bekabbbern friendly and master some jump in the air. And if you leave an unknown bucket or bag, the thing is inspected. Even a snoring donkey is no lazy sleepyhead: donkeys snore when they're scared.

Not only the Blessed Mother can rely on the workhorse

The Donkey is not lazy either. After all, he once carried the pregnant Maria to Bethlehem. Well, the Mother of God does not constantly appear and needs the help of a donkey. But there are enough other people who use his services. In many countries, the donkey is a heavily loaded beast of burden, they pull cars or have to move heavy millstones. In some African countries donkey races are not only fun, but an economic factor. Jacks save on a donkey to later earn money as a jockey, farmer or tourist guide. Donkeys are there valuable and frugal work animals that snort at the most effort. The donkey has entertaining jobs here, such as donkey rides, donkey walking, fun racing, crib performers.

A donkey does not need a flirting portal - an I-Ah does it too

Remains the whine about the volume of a calling donkey.With I-Ah donkeys say that they are happy, impatient or longing. Above all, single animals call out loud, because donkeys are social animals that do not need a protective herd, but are happy about society. If the donkey is alone, he calls loud and often, because maybe somewhere around a fellow walk around and also looking for a friend. Donkeys just do not need a flirting portal. But the Dating does not always work. If the donkey lady does not feel like it, she squeals the stallion's ears full. This is annoying and when donkeys get angry, they hum. If they even get into rage, their teeth will crunch.

Donkeys are peaceful, but terribly curious

Now the donkey has it in several sizes, colors and with various hairstyles there, get a lot of advocacy. He deserves that, too. There are numerous breeds and that's why the donkey looks so diverse, but: All donkeys - whether tomboy or livestock - are descended from North African wild asses. Eye catchers are often the eel line on the back, the different mane, the tassel tail, the pretty eyes and the fluffy, long ears that hear excellent. The donkey vocabulary also includes body signals: If he is afraid, he will buckle and pull in the tail. Not every donkey submits with bowed head and ears, for donkeys can also threaten and turn down. But as a rule, the donkey is peaceful - and terribly curious. But even that is really no negative peculiarity that could scratch the image of the donkey. Text/Photo: Marion Friedl


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