Sure: When it's warm, the dog is panting, because dogs can only speak on the tongue and on the paws, so to speak ...

Dogs pant in heat and stress

dog-panting Sure: If it's warm, the dog is panting, because dogs can speak only on the tongue and so on sweat on the paws. But there are other reasons that make dogs panting in stress. Whether the dog is stressed, recognizes the human not only on the panting, but also on the fold, which forms bilateral behind the corners of the mouth.

If the panting in the heat, then the dog in the shadows and he needs cool drinking water. Threatens a heat stroke, goes without veterinary help nothing more - but there are a few first-aid-handles: Out of the heat, cool drinking water and cold compresses. The pieces of cloth soaked in cold water are wrapped around the paws and turned upside down.

Serenity translates to the frightened dog

It is also petted when the dog has stress. Triggers for stress can be anxiety, excitement, aggression or excessive demands. Fearing the dog, for example, as an aircraft noise approaches and gets louder, he begins to pant, he listens and seeks shelter at the owner or in a cave-like hideout (for example, under the corner seat). When excited, the peal is audible and fast. In both cases, the best way to help a dog is to ignore anxiety and excitement, and take a calm, calm posture. The rest is transmitted to the dog and reduces the fear or excitement. Comforting stroking, protective lifting or soothing words are taboo! Dogs understand these gestures like this: Mr. behaves strange and confirms my behavior. So there really is something in the air and I really have to be afraid. This increases anxiety and excitement in the dog.

Stress Reliever Aggression

In aggression, rough and loud breathing is done, often slobbering and licking the lips bared. The haunting is over when the dog is brought out of the sticky situation and there is no reason for aggression. Whether fear or aggression: It also depends on the self-confidence of the dog owner. Masters the situation confidently, he can prevail and tell the dog, where to go (this can be trained with an animal psychologist), then reduces the fear of the dog or gives the dog the leadership role of the biped. p>

It's time for tired, exhausted dogs

Excessive exhaustion can also be felt with panting. Example: The dog trains commands and over time he seems unfocused, he sits down several times or lies down. It is extensively hacked and not infrequently drools the dog here. Believe me, it is high time for you to give your dog a break or finish the training. This dog is exhausted, tired, exhausted and therefore overwhelmed. The panting is shorter if the dog is not tired and exhausted but only overwhelmed. This means: The training started only a few minutes ago, the dog does not understand a command and has already sat down out of embarrassment and scratched his ear. If he does not understand the command several times, then he is overwhelmed and it starts a subtle panting. In this case, the pet owner has to come up with something, so that the dog understands the command. If, for example, the command "Platz" does not work, a person can lead a treat to the ground in front of the dog's nose until the dog lies and then praise him for the lying position and reward him with the treat.

Exhaustion and overburdening can also occur due to age and illness. So: For safety's sake, visit the vet. Text/Photo: Marion Friedl

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