Cats are great climbers and also conquer tall trees. But sometimes the fire brigade has to put a climber back on the ground ...

Why do some cats not dare to fall off the tree?

Cats are great climbers and conquer tall trees. But sometimes the fire brigade has to get a climbing artist back on the ground. This happens, for example, to young and inexperienced cats who get scared and do not dare to go down. Either they did not pay attention to the lesson of mom cat or they had no opportunity to practice with the cat mother. That would have shown the climbing child namely that you can get on well, but you can only go down in reverse.

Inexperienced cats do not know the reverse gear

Inexperienced cats try the descent with a view to the front and have a problem: The claws of the cats are bent forward and could be used as a halting climbing aid - but only if you climb backwards the tree trunk. If the cat tries it forward, it does not work with the stop and the cat notices that, panics it and remains in the tree because of sheer shock and shock. There she waits for someone to come and help her out. Sometimes she also calls meowing for help. Not infrequently, the help comes, because the owner climbs either himself or he calls the fire department. Oh yes, if you are already upstairs: try to hold the cat with its paws against the tree trunk. She will instinctively extend her claws and realize: Oops, that's the way it works - I can hold on and come down backwards. Then you can be proud of yourself, because you've taught the cat something.

The cat needs time for problem solving

Sure, if nothing at all go ahead, then help must come. But you should take some time with the emergency call, because maybe the waiting time up there in the tree helps to find the right solution. Give the cat time and hours. Encourage her with alluring words, but do not keep talking to the cat, because she also needs time to think and to be courageous. You can also help her with food under the tree. Of course it is ideal if the cat's mother is available, because she tells her lost offspring where and how to go.

Taboo on the rescue: Better make the emergency call

Avoid moving the cat backwards with a long stick, for example. This could scare the cat into making a misstep and crash. Although cats usually land on all fours, thanks to their controlling tail, it can sometimes go awry and then there is a risk of injury (for example, on the back). Also: Such a crash can be stored as a negative experience and then the cat may be a fearful and over-cautious animal, the no jump and no more climbing tour trusts. Also not recommended is when several people excitedly strive for the stuck cat. This stresses, unsettles and intensifies fears - and perhaps the cat does not feel like descending to so many people anymore. Conclusion: If despite a long wait and various attempts really nothing back and forth, then you should drop the emergency call to the fire department. Text: Marion Friedl/Photo: Gerald Förtsch