In animal training, the litter chain is particularly suitable for hard floors, the discs score in the grass and on carpet. Further information under

Pros and cons of throwing chain and training discs

Reproof with acoustic punishment is not for fearful animals, as it is not harmless training for the dog and the cat. Therefore, it should be practiced with a professional. In general, the question often arises: Do I reach for the throwing chain or the training discs? It has been my experience that both educational aids (available on Amazon, for example) can get the same results. Both utensils are handy and inexpensive. But there are actually pros and cons:

Traning discs also score on soft ground

The training discs clank louder and can be particularly useful for persistent behavioral errors his. For lighter cases and animals that respond well to the noise, the discs can simply rattle in the hand and do not even have to be thrown. In a litter her pattering but also on soft floors (such as carpet, lawn) is very good to hear. Thanks to the colorful loop tape, the training discs are also easier to find, for example when landed in the grass or by the wayside. Disadvantage of the discs: On hard floors in the home, they can leave scratches if, for example, they hit the edge of the parquet floor.

Throwing chains are convincing on hard surfaces

The throwing chain is - as I said - not quite as loud to hear. This is an advantage when dog or cat make their first acquaintance with the educational aid. Experience shows that they react to the quieter noise and stop their action. But especially on soft ground, the acoustic effect is too low. But the throwing chain scores on a hard surface in the flat: skilfully thrown, it not only clatters when hitting the ground, but also slips audibly and at the same time gently over parquet, laminate and tiles . Text/Photo: Marion Friedl