But nothing remains secret. Apparently people have to know everything about us dogs and that's why they reveal a dog secret ...

Already heard ?: Dogs that are in a good mood, wag to the right

But nothing stays secret. Apparently people need to know everything about us dogs and that's why they keep one dog secret after another. Since slippery researchers at the Italian University of Trento have discovered that there are right-wing and left-winger. Giorgio Vallortigara and other scientists have even figured out what our wagging means: if we wave to the left, then we are tense, afraid, or have any other negative feelings. If the tail wakes to the right, we are happy and in a positive mood.

And how did the scientists come to grips with us? They showed the dogs videos of left and right wagging dogs and watched how the dogs responded. On top of that, they felt the dog pulse. Result: If the video was flipped to the left, the pulse of the watching dogs increased and their behavior looked anxious. Were moved to the right, were the traitors (sorry: the watching dogs of course) and their pulse, the serenity itself. The Italian scientists assume that we wave to other dogs, whether danger threatens or if a joke in it could be. However, they think we dogs do it unintentionally.

Are we really doing this unconsciously? I'll tell you nothing!

The Italians have found out in which half of the brain we dogs register negative or positive emotions, and in this half of the brain we decide whether to wave to the left or to the right. Scientists believe that we do dogs unconsciously and that our left or right winging is not a deliberate sign language. Whether they are right? Maybe, maybe not - have I ever looked into my brain? No, why and what dog does that ... Besides: I tell nothing anyway, because people do not have to know everything about us and as a dog I can also shut up. Text: Kimba (Marion Friedl) / Photo: Marion Friedl