When the beloved animal dies, it's time for a last service of love: read him blog, which assistance helps and how it goes on after death.

Last love service before the death of the pet

When the last bridge is crossed and the pet falls asleep forever, then the grief is great. In his last moments, the faithful friend once again needs his man: how painful it is to say goodbye - if the animal dies, it is time for a last service of love before his death.

Help him Darling with peace, security and closeness

Of course, one is infinitely sad, but who wants to help his animal, the last journey without fear, should also remember that the mood of man to the pet transfers. As hard as it gets, the best help is for the animal when it gives it the feeling of peace, security and closeness. A gentle caress and clinging and friendly words that are familiar to him make it easier for him to go away and let go.

Often the goodbye is not always overflowing and does not pass quickly. There is the examination at the vet, the consultation with the veterinarian and relatives, then the decision and then only the last syringe is set. A lot of time in which it is difficult to keep calm and radiate. To get through there, small mental tricks are allowed: Distract yourself by glancing around the eyes, looking out the window or think of a happy moment, the beautiful holiday: No matter what you think - you have to tell anyone but the distraction helps you and the pet, because it reduces the grief and excitement a bit.

Accompany your four-legged friend until last

If it does so far, the caregiver should be close to the animal. The pet has trusted you for a lifetime and will continue to do so now. Give him this trust that he needs so much now before death. The animal wants to feel your closeness again, to feel safe and secure and to know that you are with him, protect him, do not abandon him and have everything under control. Make him this last present and pet your partner, talk to him (eg like you wish him a good night) and hold him until he falls asleep forever.

Even if You are afraid if you can go this final step together, try it! They do this not only for the animal, but also for themselves: Who leaves the faithful friend alone on the Rainbow Bridge and leaves the room, often gets a guilty conscience later and tormenting questions: could I have helped him better? How did he feel without me? Can he forgive me for my weakness? Part of a life together is a loving farewell and the sharing of difficult situations - and that is undoubtedly death.

Mourning and questions about death

The mourning will break free after the death of the animal. And again there are important questions: How should the pet be buried? Whether animal cemetery, single cremation with urn for home or a diamond made from the ashes - it is a matter of taste and not least of the purse. Also, the question of whether to have his beloved pet stuffed is a very individual question. It is up to me and nobody else to give any votes on this issue. Only one thing is important to me to say: Not all people can afford expensive burial possibilities and must be content with the classical carcass utilization. But that does not mean that they did not love their animal and that they would not care about the death of their faithful friend. They do not grieve less and manage, for example. with a photo in the living room a place of sorrow and memory.For the animal, the here and now was important and there it was until the last breath, the love of his people.

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