Today is Love-Your-Pet-Day (20.2.2015). Did not think about that? Never mind, because there are last-minute ideas for dogs, cats, rodents and birds that ...

Ideas for Love Your Pet Day

Today is Love-Your-Pet-Day (20/02/2015). Did not think about that? Never mind, because there are last-minute ideas for dogs, cats, rodents and birds that are quickly self-made and bring fun into everyday animal life.

The toilet paper roll becomes a dog Loot

My dog ​​Kimba loves a self-made game in particular: When the last piece of toilet paper is torn off the reel, I do not throw away the cardboard roll, but practice a funny twist on recycling. Punctured holes in the cardboard roll, packed rattling treats, buckled the openings of the roll and then the feed roll is thrown into the room. Zack - already Kimba runs, grabs the thing, rolls it back and forth a bit, before he disassembles it and tears the treat-prey under the claw. It makes the cheap toy fun, for me it has a tiny drawback: The remains of the shredded cardboard roll I have to collect and throw away, because that Kimba does not do it yourself.

cats read newspaper in a box

Even cats have a last-minute gift that offers variety. You can quickly jump into the supermarket and get there an empty fruit box or maybe there is still such a box in the garage or in the basement around. Even the unfamiliar smell, for example, bananas or other content, sniffing cat noses. But you will beat the whole thing, because the newspaper of yesterday no longer reads anyone. That's why the pages are crumpled into rustling balls. In these balls you can fill more treats. Then fill in the kartun with the feed newspaper balls and go kitten fun: The cat is allowed to explore, juggle balls, find food, and, and, and ...

Tasty Mobile for Birds and Rodents

Equally suitable for birds and rodents is a home-made mobile. The delicious nibbles or carrots hanging on the cage grid - anyone can. But you get from your small artisan paradise (or even from the hardware store) a wooden staff. Center it with a sturdy parcel string so you can hang the slat at the top of the cage grid. Before hanging, however, additional cords are tied to the lath and on these laces you knots nibble or e.g. for rabbits also carrots. Done is the Skill Mobile, because now the food dangles movably in the cage and the animal has to come up with something to get to the treat.

But make sure that the swinging mobile hangs down so far that Your darling can easily reach it, or there is a seated or climbing perch possibility to catch the mobile.

Last-minute games keep fit

Positive side effect in all these feeding games: The animal not only uses the feeding area, but it moves and the tricky game is variety, employment and brain jogging. The new toy also brings new stimuli to animal life. Remember: After the game you should remove the homemade toy or what's left of it, so your pet will not swallow any paper or twine or get tangled up. After all, you love your pet and with an intact crafting toy you can organize your very own "I love my pet day" in a few weeks, because there can not be too many, right? Text: Marion Friedl/Photo: Gerald Förtsch