About 82 million people live in Germany. But how many pets are there in Germany? The Central Association of Zoological Specialists Germany e.V ....

There are 28 million pets in Germany

About 82 million people live in Germany. But how many pets are there in Germany? The Zentralverband Zoologischer Fachbetriebe Deutschlands e.V. (ZZF) and the Industrieverband Heimtierbedarf e.V. (IVH) commissioned the market research institute Skopos to find out exactly. Result: In Germany, 28 million cats, dogs, small mammals and pet birds have a home. And there could be more, with 1.6 million households flirting with buying an animal roommate.

Who leads the popularity scale?

So far, so good, but who has the nose as a pet forward? This is clearly the cat with 11.5 million animals. After that, nothing will come of it for a while, because the dog in second place mixes with just 6.9 million animals. Close to his paws are the 6.1 million small mammals, and the dwarf rabbit ends up on the popularity scale with 3 million animals. But there is a lot more good-natured life behind German doors: 3.4 million birds of prey are among them, and above all the budgerigar is in demand, followed by cockatiels and canaries. And then there are the ornamental fish that live in 2 million aquariums and 1.7 million garden ponds. Turtles (33%), agamas (26%) and snakes (18%) are the most common terrariums.

Most cats have clearance

But the wisdom of the Skopos survey goes even further: it's hard to believe, but 73% of pet owners live in a house or in an apartment with a garden. For example, the cats are happy, because most of them come out into the fresh air and only 25% have no clearance. The cat is also pampered and cared for: 93% of the cat owners donate ready-made food to their velvet paw and 70% go to the vet at least once a year with their baby tiger.

The dog bowl ends up with predominantly convenience food

But the dogs are also doing well: 77% of the dog owners use ready-to-eat food, 15% cook their four-legged friends themselves and 87% of the dog owners go to the veterinarian at least once a year. Incidentally, 33% of dog owners prefer large breeds weighing over 26 kg (eg Labrador, German shepherd) and 26% of dog owners prefer smaller breeds (eg Jack Russel Terrier or West Highland Terrier).

Many small animals do not go through life alone

Small mammals can not complain: 67% of pet owners buy packaged hay and ready-made food for rabbits, guinea pigs or hamsters, but they also leave fresh food (salad, Vegetables). Most animals do not have to go through life alone: ​​Small mammals or birds - on average more than two animals are kept. Text: Marion Friedl