importance of pet care

The Importance of Proper Pet Care

Not everyone is suited to be a pet owner. Like children, pets require attention and medical care, and because they cannot get paying jobs or open up bank accounts, they need your financial support as well.

The average yearly cost of owning a dog is ,135, and the annual cost of owning a cat comes to about 2. If you want to be a pet owner, you must be willing to put in the money, time, and effort required to keep your favorite furry friend healthy and happy.

The sad truth is that up to 10 million pets end up in shelters in the United States every year. According to the Humane Society, more than 70 million stray and feral cats roam the streets. Too many poor and helpless animals are neglected by irresponsible owners who cannot — or do not — take care of them.

Unfortunately, pets who do not receive regular quality pet care often end up in animal hospitals or emergency veterinary clinics. By making sure your pet gets frequent checkups and timely immunizations, you are doing everything you can to ensure that your furry friend enjoys a long and happy life.

Pet owners who do not schedule regular vet visits put their pets at serious risk for all sorts of conditions. In a recent survey, 21.5% of cat owners and 29.3% of dog owners who did not visit a veterinarian said that they could not afford it. While some pet care facilities and emergency vet services can be costly, being proactive about your pet’s health can save you money in the long run, and may even save your pet’s life.

Besides the financial responsibility of owning a pet, you must also take into consideration the time it takes to properly care for them. While cats are generally more independent creatures, dogs require a significant amount of your attention and affection. If you work long hours and cannot be home to train and play with your pup, you may not be a suitable candidate for adoption.

If you are considering becoming a pet owner, think about your current lifestyle and make sure you have the time and resources to properly care for a pet.


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