When your pet requires fast and prompt care, come to Veterinary Emergency Services, a Verona veterinary hospital. We specialize in hospitalization and treatment for all types of pets.


shutterstock_183585236In some emergencies, overnight hospitalization may be necessary. When your pet requires overnight hospitalization and monitoring, you will be provided with a treatment plan before your pet is admitted. Once you approve the provided treatment plan, we require an 80% deposit before your pet’s treatment or hospitalization is started.

During hospitalization, your pet is closely monitored by our on-duty doctors, licensed technicians, and assistants. You will be kept informed of all necessary diagnostic tests and treatments. Please understand that serious conditions can deteriorate rapidly, and in these instances, all efforts are made to contact you by telephone.

We also provide overnight care for critically ill patients who are transferred from your family veterinarian. Such care includes monitoring of IV fluids and vital signs and administering the necessary medications.


Discharges begin at 7 a.m. All pets must be picked up by the owner or designated representative, and if necessary, transported to your regular veterinary clinic. Any costs exceeding the initial deposit are due at the time of discharge.

At the time of discharge, we will give you a complete copy of the hospital record. We will also give you any X-rays and any medications prescribed for your pet. Your family veterinarian will receive a complete copy of the medical record by fax, including ICU sheets and lab results.


Contact us at 540-248-1051 for more information about care for your pet’s emergency medical needs.

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